What Size Propane Tank Do You Need?

You have probably heard propane referred to in pounds: 20 lb tank, 33 lb tank, 100lb and so on. That refers to the weight of the tank when it’s full of propane. But understanding how much propane that is can be confusing. This also makes it difficult to know how big a tank you will […]

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How Long Does a Propane Tank Last?

The Short Answer is:  It Depends Whether you use propane to heat your home or to fire up the grill, having enough propane is important. But how long does a propane tank last and how do you know when it’s getting low? Knowing these two things can save you from running out of propane when […]

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Which is Cheaper: Propane or Natural Gas?

Whether you currently use natural gas, propane, or electricity to power your home, you may be curious about switching. All three of these are popular options, but let’s look at the differences between propane and natural gas, particularly the cost. What are Natural Gas and Propane? Before we get to the price difference between these […]

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