Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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DEF-Diesel Exhaust FluidDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid, also known as DEF, is a 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water mixture. This non-hazardous solution is used to break down dangerous NOx emissions created by diesel engines in the vehicles exhaust stream. These NOx emissions are broken down into nontoxic substances such as nitrogen and water through a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction.

Unlike diesel itself, diesel exhaust fluid is not a fuel additive. DEF is kept and stored in a separate tank, usually identifiable by a blue filler cap, and is never meant to come in contact with diesel itself.

Benefits of DEF

Using diesel exhaust fluid allows for better fuel efficiency and increased power in your vehicle. The Selective Catalytic Reduction process that relies on DEF provides substantial fuel improvement. Better fuel efficiency leads to less frequent Diesel Particulate Filter cleanout, thereby reducing maintenance costs. While being highly reliable, DEF puts less wear and tear on the engine.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

Since the Selective Catalytic Reduction process is the go-to system for meeting the EPA emission standards, diesel exhaust fluid has become a must-have. The emission standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles are strict and leave little to no room for deviation. Many commercial trucking companies have come to the realization that the Selective Catalytic Reduction process allows their fleet to meet the EPA rules without compromising engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Environmental Benefits

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency takes the use of diesel exhaust fluid very seriously. NOx emissions from vehicle exhaust have been linked to acid rain, smog, and the general rising greenhouse gas levels. DEF reduces NOx from a dangerous substance to a harmless, breathable nitrogen water-based mixture.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid is less toxic than many other fluids in a truck. The active ingredient in DEF, urea, is used in fertilizers, animal feed, pharmaceutical applications and some cleaning agents.
  • The EPA has made sure that truck makers incorporate visible warnings to let drivers know when they have an insufficient amount of DEF within their vehicle. A low level of diesel exhaust fluid should be treated with the same importance as being low on gas. An empty DEF tank can dramatically reduce the amount of power a vehicle can produce and even cause the engine not to start.

DEF Usage

Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage is measured as a ratio. DEF is consumed on a 50 to 1 ratio with diesel. That translates to 1 gallon of DEF being used for every 50 gallons of diesel the vehicle burns. DEF consumption is directly connected to fuel consumption. For example, a commercial vehicle that averages 6 MPG can expect to go around 300 miles on one gallon of DEF.

Diesel Exhaust Fuel consumption will be about two percent of the overall diesel fuel being consumed. The terms “dosing rate” and “treat rate” refer to the amount of DEF being used in relation to diesel. The amount of DEF a vehicle will need depends on the engine manufacturer. The dose rate for all commercial trucks will range from one to three percent. Most medium and heavy-duty vehicles have a treat rate of two percent.

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