Durham Diesel, Propane, and Fuel Delivery

Fuel up Locally With Our Gas Station & Propane Tank Refills

Couch Oil Durham NCSince 1949, our locally owned and operated gas station has fueled Durham with all grades of gasoline, non-ethanol gasoline, and premium diesel. Our premium diesel is pre-treated with Diesel-Mate from Certified Labs, giving your vehicle or machine 3-7% better gas mileage, saving you money and time by allowing you to go longer between fill-ups.

When you fill up at Couch Oil in Durham, you’re supporting a local company, not a major gas corporation.

Fleet Services

Looking to fuel your fleet? We’re up to the challenge. Our fleet services ensure your company vehicles and machinery are always fueled up with the best gas and diesel on the market. We accept most fleet cards or you can apply for a fleet account with Couch Oil today!

Propane Tank Refills

If you’re one of the millions of Americans that love gas grilling, you know you need fast service when your tank is low or empty. We provide propane tank refills at our offices, conveniently located next door to our fueling station 2907 Hillsborough Rd in Durham. We pride ourselves on quick, friendly service so you can get grilling fast.

Visit us at 2905 Hillsborough Rd and fill your vehicles with the best fuel Durham as to offer.

Propane (LP) Gas Delivery to Your Durham Home or Business

Propane is an economical, efficient alternative to electric heating methods. If you currently have a propane heating system in your home or office, or you’re looking to make the switch, make Couch Oil your first choice.

Common household uses for propane include:

  • Furnaces

Propane furnaces are flexible in the sense that they don’t need to be connected to municipal gas lines. Propane burns hotter than many fuels, heating the air within your home faster. This, in turn, circulates hot air throughout more effectively.

  • Fireplaces and Firepits

Propane fireplaces provide a much more effective dispersion of heat when compared to traditional wood fireplaces. Propane has also been known to burn 40 times as long without the harmful emissions while providing five to six times the heating capacity.

  • Propane Boilers

Propane boilers are very effective in cutting down overall energy use, which, in turn, decreases the energy bill. This heating system requires much less maintenace and emits 37 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.

  • Water Heaters

The third largest energy use in the home is residential water heating. Propane water heaters can minimize your energy bill to half that of electric water heaters. Along with that, they’re also reduce greenhouse gas emission by 60 percent.

Common commercial uses for propane include:

  • Forklift Fuel

The security of having a sealed fuel system of propane heightens jobsite safety. Forklifts are cost-effective to operate. They’re also safer than gas and electric alternatives.

  • Backup (Standby) Generators

Downtime can be costly and have several reprecussions such as lay-offs and bankrupcy. Rahter than risk falling victim to downtime, make use of commercial propane gas!

  • Jobsite Heating

Ensure your employees and contractors are equipped with the technology, tools, and environment they need in order to operate efficiently. By doing so, you’re setting all parties up for long-term success!

If you’re new to propane heating or using propane in your home, we offer free consultations to determine which tank size is best suited to your home or office. We then install your new tank and provide propane delivery as needed, or on a schedule, to keep you comfortable.

Heating Oil Delivery Services – #2 Oil and Kerosene

Heating oil is a safe, clean, eco-friendly alternative to other fuels. Whether you need Fuel Oil #2 or kerosene, we always have a full supply of heating oil for delivery or pickup at our offices in the heart of Durham.

Schedule your heating oil or propane delivery today by calling (919) 286-5408 or by filling out the new customer application form. If you are an existing customer, you can place an order on our website. You’ll always get friendly, reliable services with no hidden delivery fees.

Diesel, Gasoline, and Lubricant Delivery to Your Jobsite

Durham NC Fuel Tank DeliveryReduce the amount of downtime your company experiences with same-day or next-day diesel or gasoline delivery from Couch Oil Company. For more than 60 years, Durham contractors and commercial accounts have trusted Couch Oil Company to deliver fuel to the jobsite.

Looking for dedicated on-site fuel tanks? We stock and deliver a variety of tank sizes so you always have the fuel you need when you need it. We also offer the lubricants, fuel pumps and accessories, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Schedule your job site fuel delivery today by calling (919) 286-5408 or by filling out the new customer application form. Existing customers can place an order on our website.

Couch Oil Company is proud to offer propane, home heating oil, and commercial diesel fuels to customers in the Durham area, including MorrisvilleChapel Hill, Cedar Grove, and Rougemont.