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Since 1949 Couch Oil Company has stood for excellence in residential heating oil products, and we are proud to be a home-grown professional business that’s knowledgeable about heating oil and your oil heating needs in Raleigh, NC. When you choose Couch Oil Company you’re choosing a reliable, responsible, and trustworthy local business with your needs and best interests at heart.

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propane-servicesThere are so many valuable benefits of home heating oil.  It’s considered one of the most Earth-friendly sources of fuel while being both efficient and affordable. It’s also one of the safest and most reliable options in home heating as it is non-explosive and in generous supply domestically. Oil and petroleum reserves are higher than ever globally, and, the US is not dependent on imported petroleum or a single source for supply so a shortage overseas won’t mean a price hike for your family.

Heat Your Raleigh Home with Heating Oil from Couch Oil Company

Heating oil is a great option for heating homes because it allows the home to be independent from any gas lines and is stored separately as opposed to being shared but a neighborhood or subdivision. Never again will you have to worry about the reliability of your gas lines or gas appliances when you need them most.

Speaking of your gas appliances, did you know you’ll likely need to replace every 11-14 years? That’s a project in itself and it could cost you a pretty penny. HHO appliances tend to be sturdier, more reliable, and come with more longevity, lasting twice as long as their gas-guzzling counterparts.

HHO – Home Heating Oil Prices

Our heating oil services include delivery to your home with short notice (less than two days), emergency weekday delivery ($50.00), night and weekend delivery ($125.00), relighting furnaces ($50.00), and oil return ($50.00) and we always carry a full supply of heating oil for delivery or pick-up anytime.

Home Heating Oil Types

  • Kerosene –  has a long shelf life when compared to other heating option all depending on where you store it. If kept in a plastic container, it could last up to one year. When stored in a metal container, it can last up to ten years when kept in dry conditions.
  • Fuel #2 – heating oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas. That means it is able to heat your home faster and more efficiently. This, in turn, will lead to the home needing less fuel to maintain the desired temperature. Heating oil has a respectable reputation when it comes to safety.

What should be mentioned is that that reputation adheres to instances where the equipment is maintained on a regular basis. When taking into account the fact that heating systems can sometimes malfunction, the perceived safety records paint a different picture. Despite that, Heating oil offers important safety advantages should a malfunction occur. For instance, heating oil is none explosive, meaning in the case of a leak it will not become an explosive hazard.

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