Reading Your Propane Tank Percentage Gauge

Use this chart to read your tank gauge and determine the gallons of propane remaining. Remember, a tank is filled to a maximum of 80%.

Number of Gallons Remaining
Gauge Reading 120 Gal. Tank 250 Gal. Tank 330 Gal. Tank 500 Gal. Tank 1000 Gal. Tank
80% Full 96 200 264 400 800
70% 84 175 231 350 700
60% 72 150 198 300 600
50% 60 125 165 250 500
40% 48 100 132 200 400
30% 36 75 99 150 300
IMPORTANT: Order more gas before your tank gauge reads below 25%.
20% 24 50 66 100 200
10% 12 25 33 50 100

Running Out of Gas

You can avoid out-of-gas deliveries by calling Couch Oil Company before your propane tank gauge reads 25% or lower. Even if your gauge registers 5%, your tank may, in fact, be empty.

For your safety, if your tank runs out of gas, we must perform a leak test. Please note – you or an authorized representative must be present for us to properly conduct an inspection and leak test.

What to Do if You Smell Gas

Remember, the smell of propane is a warning device that has been added for your protection. Don’t ignore it! If you suspect a gas leak, take immediate action following these steps:

1. Carefully extinguish all ignition sources and avoid creating sparks. Put out any open flames and do NOT smoke or operate any lights, appliances, thermostats, or phones.
2. Evacuate everyone from the home, vehicle, RV, trailer, or area.
3. Turn off the gas supply at the tank(s) or cylinder(s) by turning the valve to the right.
4. Call Couch Oil Company from a cell phone away from the area or use a neighbor’s phone. If you cannot reach Couch Oil, call 911 or your local fire department.
5. Stay outside, away from the area, and do not turn the gas back on until a service person has corrected the cause of the leak and told you it is safe to re-enter.
6. Do not use your gas system until Couch Oil Company or another qualified technician inspects and tests the system to make sure there are no leaks.

Keep Your Home Gas Tank Full With Couch Oil Company

Avoid running out of gas by calling Couch Oil Company before your tank gauge reaches 25%. It’s important to know that even if your gauge registers 5%, it may actually be empty. Existing customers can schedule home gas delivery by calling (919) 286-5408. New customers should fill out our application for residential service.