Carrboro Home Heating Oil Delivery

Since 1949, Couch Oil Company has provided residential heating oil products to the residents in Carrboro with confidence and convenience.

We know how important it is to keep your home heated and comfortable for yourself and your family. That’s why we pledge to keep a full supply of heating oil for delivery or pick-up any time and on any notice. Let us help you ensure warmth for your home.

Heating Oil Delivery for Your Carrboro Home

When it comes to living green while still getting the greatest value for your heating needs, home heating oil is a fantastic option for your home in Carrboro. Home heating oil is a safe, non-explosive, economical, Earth-friendly, and efficient petroleum product used in furnaces or boilers in buildings and residences.

Benefits of Heating Oil

Residential heating oil offers plenty of benefits to you and your home, including:

  • Warms quickly
  • Safe and non-explosive
  • Clean, efficient, and eco-friendly
  • High BTU rating

Advantages of Home Heating Oil

  • You can also rest easy knowing that your oil appliance offers longevity that natural gas appliances simply can’t. When you rely on natural gas, you’ll need to replace your natural gas appliances every 11-14 years, while home heating oil appliances generally last twice that.
  • Currently, heating oil prices are at the lowest they’ve been since 2009, and they are expected to keep dropping. Heating oil is plentiful and there is enough here in the US to keep us from depending on foreign supplies.
  • Lastly, heating oil is an environmentally friendly heating option. It creates little to no emissions, unlike natural gas which produces methane and ultimately contributes to global warming, climate change, and a larger carbon footprint for you and your family.

We provide a variety of home heating oil options in order to offer you the most convenience at an affordable rate.

Additional Services Available:

  • Relighting your furnace: $50.00
  • Oil return: $50.00
  • Emergency weekday delivery, offered to you with less than 2 days’ notice: $50.00
  • Weekend Delivery: $150.00 (does not include system test)
  • System Test: $65.00 (test system and light pilots)

Types of Home Heating Oil:

  • Kerosene – is a light and clean fuel choice that is widely used today. This heating option is efficient for outside tanks since it does not bend easily to the properties of outside hazards such as harsh weather. Kerosene has a low waxing point. A low waxing point means that it is less likely to crystallize and harden under cold temperatures, preventing your outside tank from being clogged by a gelled fuel. Kerosene can reach temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit before waxing.
  • Fuel #2 – is the standard fuel for most oil heating systems. This heating resource is suitable for storage tanks that are indoors or any sort of tank that is protected from the elements. The reason Fuel #2 is the standard is because of the three different grades of heating oil available: (#2, #4, and, #6) #2 is the cleaner and more refined.

Heating oil is environmentally friendly while being nontoxic contains no carcinogens and is also biodegradable. Modern oil heating systems are considered the cleanest of combustion devices used today. Oil burners used today produce little to no smoke or combustion discharge. In addition, residential oil burners produce under .0003 percent of total particulate emissions in the United States each year.

Carrboro’s Trusted Heating Oil Delivery Company

Contact the locally owned and operated Couch Oil Company by simply filling out the form to the right or calling 919-286-5408 to learn about your heating oil options, to schedule your heat oil delivery, set-up monthly-automated fill ups, or call in for a one-time fill.

Couch Oil Company is proud to offer heating oil delivery in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Carrboro and surrounding areas.