Heating Oil Delivery in Chapel Hill, NC

Here at Couch Oil Company, we provide an assortment of home heating oil and propane devliery services in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. We are happy to deliver heating oil to your home during the day, on nights, and even weekends in order to serve you with the most convenience.

We also take care of oil return, have an emergency weekday delivery service that works on less than two-day notice, and relight furnaces.

Advantages of Heating Oil for Your Chapel Hill Home

  • Your heating oil appliance is likely to last twice as long as any natural gas appliance on average, so instead of replacing every 11-14 years, you won’t have to worry about a replacement for 30 years.
  • You are less likely to have supply or service issues with home heating oil as opposed to fuels like natural gas as an oil tank stores your own independent supply safely instead of pulling from a pipeline.
  • Heating oil is considered a sustainable fuel as supplies are abundant. Currently, in the US, petroleum and oil reserves remain higher than ever.  You have more control over your home heating options as you choose your own service and cater to your home’s specific needs.
  • Home heating oil is a clean fuel and produces almost zero emissions while creating very little soot. Natural gas, on the other hand, contributes to the total global methane emissions and therefore contributes to global warming.
  • Kerosene is a widely used heating source that comes from the refining of crude oils. This heating option adds a level of cost efficiency  and safety. When in it’s paraffin form, it produces less fumes and is known to be less harmful than other types of fuel. Kerosene puts less strain on the environment than burning coal and wood.
  • Within the spectrum of fuels that heat your home, the hottest flame is created by heating oil. Of the three different grades of heating oil available: Fuel #2, #4, and, #6, #2 is the cleaner and more refined.

Home Heating Oil Pricing

  • Emergency weekday delivery: $50.00
  • Nights and weekend delivery: $150.00
  • Relight furnace: $50.00
  • Oil return fee: $50.00

How Do I Know How Much Heating Oil I Need For My Chapel Hill Home?

It’s difficult to estimate how much residential heating oil you need without knowing the square footage and architecture of your home as well as the average temperature outside. After factoring in those details, we’ll likely be able to estimate how much fuel you’ll need within a 24-hour timeframe at your desired temperature. Some residential homes may need 100 gallons, while others may need 400 gallons!

Contact Couch Oil Company for Chapel Hill Heating Oil Delivery

Couch Oil Company is proud to be your best choice for local heating oil options in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Durham, Carrboro and the surrounding areas. We understand that you have to make everything work on time, on a budget, and with as much convenience as possible and it’s important to us to make that happen for you.

As a locally owned and operated company, we have been providing quality residential heating oil products to our customers since 1949 so you can place your order with confidence, knowing that there is always a full supply of heating oil for delivery or pick-up anytime. Contact Couch Oil Company at 919-286-5408 to learn more about your heating oil options, to schedule your heat oil delivery, set-up monthly-automated fill ups, or call in for a one-time fill.