Hillsborough Heating Oil Delivery

For your comfort and convenience, Couch Oil Company is available to make a heating oil delivery to your home on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Couch Oil also offer services like relighting furnaces, oil return, and emergency weekday delivery.   With Couch Oil Company, you can relax knowing that there is always a full supply of heating oil available for delivery or pick-up at any time.

Home heating oil is a safe, non-explosive, economical, Earth-friendly, and efficient petroleum product used in furnaces or boilers in buildings and residences. Oil heat is determined to be one of the safest forms of fuel developed. It’s non-toxic and non-explosive nature makes it ideal for heating residential areas.

Hillsborough Heating Oil Delivery Options:

  • Weekend Delivery: $150.00 (does not include system test)
  • System Test: $65.00 (test system and light pilots)
  • Return Fee: $50.00 (no one home on initial delivery)
  • Emergency Weekday: $50.00 (no 2-day notice)

Heating Oil offers Many Benefits:

  • When properly maintained, no soot dirt or odors are created in the home
  • On average, home heating oil creates 140,000 BTUs of heat per gallon while the equivalent gallon of Natural Gas produces 100,000 BTUs, therefore, your home will burn 40% more natural gas to get the heating equivalent of heating oil
  • Oil heat provides more efficient, higher quality residential warmth than gas
    Residential heating oil equipment is environmentally-friendly and barely creates emissions, unlike natural gas which contributes to climate change and global warming
  • Its appliances and equipment are 16% more efficient on average than gas

Home heating oil gives you a new level of independence and convenience you otherwise would go without. Your independence will then help contribute to national fuel independence as the US is not dependent on imported petroleum or a single source for supply so if there is ever a shortage overseas, you won’t have to worry because Couch Oil Company has you covered with affordable and convenient service all day, every day.

Types of Home Heating Oil

Kerosene –  is one of the lighter and cleaner fuels used today. This heating type is efficient for outside tanks and excels in colder weather where other fuels can’t. Kerosene has a low waxing point. A low waxing point is less likely to crystallize and gel under harsh weather conditions, curbing the chance of your outside tank being clogged by a thickened fuel. Kerosene can reach temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit before thickening.

Fuel #2 – is the standard fuel for most oil heating systems. Fuel #2 burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas so it’s able to heat your home faster and more  efficiently. This, in turn, will lead to the home needing less fuel to maintain the desired temperature.

Heating Oil Delivery in Hillsborough is Easier Than Ever

The experts here at Couch Oil Company we are proud to serve our customers in Hillsborough, NC with superior knowledge, quality services, and convenience. We know you want the best, most affordable heating options for your home and we’re proud to have had the opportunity to provide those services to customers in the area since 1949.  Contact Couch Oil Company to learn about your heating oil options, to schedule your heat oil delivery, set-up monthly-automated fill ups, or call in for a one-time fill. Simply complete the easy-to-use order form or call now:   919-286-5408


Couch Oil Company is proud to offer heating oil in Durham, Chapel Hill,  Carrboro, Hillsborough and surrounding areas.