Woodlawn Propane and Fuel Delivery

Choosing Propane (LP Gas) to Power Your Home

Woodlawn LP gas deliveryPropane is an increasingly popular home heating option in Woodlawn because it’s an eco-friendly option that is also a non-toxic, clean burning fuel. It’s low cost, price stability, and ready abundance are additional reasons more home and business owners are making the switch to propane.  

Also known as liquified petroluem, or LP gas, propane can be used in a variety of ways besides home heating. It is also frequently used to fuel fire pits, outdoor heaters, gas fireplaces, water heaters, and boilers. 

Woodlawn Propane Delivery 

Couch Oil makes switching to propane simple and convenient. We’ve worked with home and property owners since 1949, so our experienced team can help you choose the right size tank, install it, and even set up propane delivery when you need it! Whether you prefer to schedule deliveries as you need them or set up automated fill-ups, we are there when you need us, so you never have to worry about running low!

Kerosene and Home Heating Oil Delivery

Besides propane, another popular heating option is home heating oil delivery. Also called #2 oil, it’s also safe, environmentally friendly, affordable, and readily available for both commercial and residential delivery in Woodlawn.

We strive to meet a variety of heating and cooling needs, which is why we also offer kerosene,  ThermoPak furnaces and air conditioners, and burner service referrals.

Woodlawn, NC Diesel and Gasoline Delivery 

Woodlawn diesel deliveryIn addition to home and commercial properties, we keep jobsites productive and operating with   lubricant, diesel, and gasoline delivery services as well as on-site fuel tanks. We understand that much of your work relies on power tools, heavy machinery, and generators, so when you run out of fuel, your work grinds to a halt, costing you money and wasting time.  That’s why we’re there when you need us with the fuel sources and lubricants necessary to keep going. 

In addition to gasoline, diesel, and lubricant delivery, we deliver diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) treated with Diesel-Mate fuel conditioner to ensure your equipment is efficient and long-lasting. You can even turn to us when you need fuel pumps and accessories.

Contact Couch Oil for Woodlawn Fuel Delivery

Whether you need to heat your home or keep your equipment and machinery running at a jobsite, fuel delivery from Couch Oil Company is here to help.  Existing customers can place an order online or by calling us at (919) 286-5408. New customers should fill out our new customer application form to apply for fuel delivery service.

Couch Oil Company is proud to offer delivery of propane, home heating oil, gasoline, off-road and on-road diesel fuels to customers in the Alamance County area such as Green Level, Haw RiverMebane, and Graham